BCO Annual Dinner takes Brexit Focus

Love it or hate it, Brexit is probably the most discussed and debated subject both inside and outside of Parliament at the moment.  The ramifications of withdrawal from the EU are only now becoming clear, and experts and commentators are struggling to keep up with the fast-moving political landscape. No-one yet knows what the final outcome will be, and this uncertainty is having a huge impact on UK businesses.

At the recent British Council for Offices Annual Dinner, attended by the PBC team and clients from CLS Holdings plc, former BBC Political Editor Andrew Marr gave an insightful speech to over 800 guests from the UK commercial property sector.  He shared his unique perspective on the process that will decide our place on the global stage for many years to come, and the challenges that face everyone in business in the UK.  As his speech coincided with the landmark defeat for the Government for the current Brexit deal, its topicality and relevance to the assembled audience couldn’t have been better timed!