PBC Turns up the Heat at the Danubius Hotel

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Following successful management of the refurbishment of 80 bedrooms on the second and third floors, PBC was retained to act as Project Manager and Employer’s Agent for the upgrading of the hotel’s plant room.

Over an eight-week period, and with instructions that the work had to be carried out before winter set in, the plant room was redesigned and old equipment and boilers were replaced.  As this plant room provided hot water and heating for all of the guest rooms on the building’s 12 floors, the work had to be carried out so that disruption to the day-to-day operation of the hotel and the comfort of its guests was kept to a minimum.

The refurbishment included the reinstallation of 12 new boilers and 6 new clarifiers, relocation of the existing pump room to create a new storage facility, re-lagging of new and existing pipework to minimise heat loss and a new MCC panel to ensure better environmental control.  Of the two existing flues, only one was required with the new system, so this was relined and reused. A new loss header was added to the main piping system with new vents, and isolation valves were installed, to future-proof the design and to allow sections of pipe to be maintained independently.  Finally, to make the newly-designed room easier to access, the gantry above the plant was altered to allow better access for the engineering and maintenance team.

The project was completed on time, within budget and with the minimum disruption, so guests at the Danubius Hotel are now enjoying the benefits of this highly efficient, state-of-the art new system.


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The Danubius Hotel, Regent's Park, London


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8 Weeks