Team PBC – The Fast and the Furious!

If the PBC team had been told they would be bounced around in a speedboat racing up the Thames, then locked in a small room where they had to solve a series of complex puzzles to steal the crown jewels; and after all of this test their hand-eye coordination skills on a crazy-golf course, many of them would have wondered what this had to do with team building!  However, having spent a day taking part in these events it was clear that PBC team spirit was there in abundance.

The day started with a splash as the team boarded two powerful, ‘RIB’ speedboats and raced up the river to the Thames Flood Barrier.  After a breath-taking 40-minute cruise at top speed, and a swift break for refreshments (and some much-needed caffeine), everyone headed off to the next challenge, which would test their ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

Divided into three teams, each one had to find clues, work out riddles and solve puzzles to steal Her Majesty’s crown jewels to obtain the escape codes to the rooms.  Thankfully, all three teams successfully completed the tasks and are all now hard at work at their desks!

The final challenge of the day, junk yard mini-golf, was followed by a wonderful meal at Café Spice near Tower Bridge to celebrate what had been a fun but very successful team building day.