Flex Office Spaces

PBC operates as an external Flex Specialist Consultant to leading landlords and managed office providers and has delivered over 100,000 sq. ft of dedicated flex office space across the UK since 2021.

We understand our clients prioritise quality of space and speed of turnaround. We drive projects forward on their behalf so they are ready for occupancy when required and attractive to tenants who pay a premium for high end flexible workspace.

We understand the challenges and opportunities presented by Flex. From assessing asset viability to occupancy forecasting, we employ advanced building metrics and workplace testing to ensure your asset can fulfil your requirements and provide the high-class flexible accommodation that tenants demand.

Our dedicated Flex Delivery team serves as a comprehensive solution, delivering cost advice and analysis, combined with contract administration and employer agent services and managing the project team and main contractor throughout the project.

We ensure precise budgets and timelines, guaranteeing your workspace is prepared precisely when its required.

We support clients with:

  • Advice on design development
  • How to optimise resources and space
  • Management of the project from feasibility through to completion
  • Ensuring projects carry sustainable design principles, materials, and technologies to minimise environmental impact, reduce operating costs, and promote occupant health and well-being.